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Fluticasone 500mcg 3 puffs BD 6OP (accuhaler)

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  • Fluticasone 500mcg 3 puffs BD 6OP (accuhaler)

    Did a locum today and had to check off a prescription for a 77 year old man with COPD,the bloke was also on ipratropium , a xanthine and montelukast.......
    It had been dispensed at least 6 times at the pharmacy but I felt that Fluticasone dose was way too high at 3000mcg daily....way above the BTS guidelines and equivalent to approximately 6000mcg of beclomethasone..GP surgery closed so I couldn't query it with GP

    Any thoughts on this?
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    Re: Fluticasone 500mcg 3 puffs BD 6OP (accuhaler)

    I think you've got to chase it. Admin was in a similar situation the other day with a Rx.

    If they've been on the dose for ages and the dose isn't life threatening I think you've got to take a pragmatic apprioach and dispense and then get the GP to authorise the dosage so it can be remedied next time if need be.
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      Re: Fluticasone 500mcg 3 puffs BD 6OP (accuhaler)

      Originally posted by kemzero View Post
      Any thoughts on this?
      Make sure he has a steroid warning card.