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    I'm looking for any advice on how different organisations embraced the ACP pharmacist roles. I'm currently trying. Convince my trust that it is a good idea to do so and I'm not sure who do you have to speak to, who to influence and how to go about building up a business case for new ACP Pharmacist roles and developing the roles that have the potential to have extra value for the trust. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

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    In my area, the conditions have changed so that ACPs have to be employed by the practice as Trainee ACPs (which means taking a pay cut for most pharmacists and being a band 7) and the lead trainer for the area makes an assessment of whether funding can then go ahead. I think in recent times there's been an development of stringent guidelines as to who can do the 3 year masters.
    You need to speak to the LBR lead for your area (learning beyond registration). If that fails talk to HEE.
    However if you want to self fund you can pay for the masters yourself. In other cases, surgeries are funding the ACP for their employees without asking for funding from LBR or HEE and so you then don't need to follow the stringent guidelines.
    Which area are you currently working in?


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      I don't think (IMO) an ACP is worth the effort pursuing as a pharmacist if you're planning to go into general practice. There's been a whole glut of ANPs working in GP practice and essentially you will just overlap with their primary function i.e. a cheaper equivalent to locum GPs for assessing and diagnosing patient.

      Practice Pharmacist's primary function I feel is just managing prescriptions and issuing them, plus the occasional face-to-face medication reviews, i.e. things the GPs don't want to do.. (Sorry for being brutally negative)


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        It certainly depends on what you want out of it. What can you improve, showcase and teach others in three years time? Do you actually need it? Does your trust need it, and if yes, how?

        Funding from HEE is limited if not finished soon?

        I am hoping to start it in September, and it's to really enhance my practice. Yes, there will always be GPs, ANPs and other clinicians who do things better, but pharmacists also have a lot to bring to the table in terms of long term medicine management.

        What are you areas of interest?