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Phenelzine (Nardil) - Not Available nationally - Aug to End October 2019

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    Hi Johnep,
    I use the phenelzine for anxiety and it’s been perfect...still allowing me to feel anxious but, for me, normal parameters..
    Guess I’ve always been able to joke and laugh at my own expense...helps the world be a nicer place... thank you once again for your response and wishing you all the best


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      Surprised at this. Standard in old days was phenobarbitone. Advance in this area was amylobarbitone (Amytal).
      When I started selling Librium and Valium in the early 60s, I was selling against Amytal. Barbiturates declined sharply after death of Marilyn Monro from Nembutal (and gin). Benzos reigned supreme until inevitable addiction started and then a host of others came on market. None have really achieved complete control. However, underlying depression then came to light and Prozac etc became fashionable. It is important to distinguish between exogenous causes and endogenous anxiety and depression. examples of former are marriage problems, the latter just wells up for no obvious cause. Churchill was classic example.
      My mother was a "worrier" but she also had excessive perspiration and stomach problems. Ie vagus nerve overactivity.
      Classical sign of depression is waking up at 4 am and then unable to get back to sleep as you worry about some problem, real or imaginary. We all do it from time to time. Me, if I have such a night I just take 10mg Amitryptylline the next night and sleep right through. However, effect wears off rapidly if take every night in my case.
      Those with money love to have a "shrink" to talk to in therapy.
      This subject is an interest of mine as an area where I sold MAOIs, Benzos, trycyclics, and hypnotics.


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        Hi John,

        Update! Picked up my unlicensed prescription today and only paid one prescription fee for 4 x 60 15mg tabs!!! On the face of turned out to be far easier than expected.... how many more could have, could be saved from the worry of not getting their meds...
        And re my was/is endogenous and would appear completely out of the blue for no reason but because of that I began to develop a social phobia and other related issues.... I do believe mine is related to some sensitivity to hormones as my mother once suffered but at 84years, she no longer seems to and, unfortunately my daughter has developed the condition at around the same age I did.....20 years old. She has found nothing, to date, that has worked for her and I can’t seem to convince her to try Nardil, presuming we may have the same brain chemistry (and yet she is doing a phd in Chemistry!


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          Congratulations. So pleased to hear situation resolved. A very sensible approach to your condition. Churchill called his fits of depression "Black Dog". I myself have been a cyclothymic in that I used to swing from elation to mild depression.
          However, at 85, now seem to be fairly equable. recognising that this is a querk of brain chemistry and not just you is half the battle. The benzodiazepines have been demonised and Drs now very loath to prescribe, perhaps a short test course to see the effect might help. MAOIs even more demonised because of interactions. The mildest benzo is Chlordiazepoxide. Some people have found the Atkins diet has been beneficial but I would be cautious.
          Thanks for posting. I have found it very interesting. Wishing you all the best.


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            what pills raise the immune system, very often get sick


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                Rebecca66,I have ran out of Phenelzine and was wondering where you got your supply of Phenelzine from.


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                  Editing a comment
                  Hi all

                  Apologies for the more recent new posters. I've not been on this site for a while - due to mood issues etc. I've just seen the more recent posts.

                  Rebecca66, it seems you've now found a source for your Phenilzine so hopefully you're picking up again now.
                  Shlong, hopefully you've now found a source for your meds.

                  I stirred up a lot of folks, locally, trying to source Nardil for myself. Fortunately, found some useful information.

                  Rxxxxxxx are importers and have Nardil/Phenilzine available, usually next day.

                  Also, it would be worth trying Boots for filling your prescription. I had so much trouble with Boots telling me they'd tried 'everywhere' but not available, even when I knew Rxxxxxxx was able to supply that I phoned Boots HO to discuss why they couldn't get these tablets and had they tried Rxxxxxx etc. Eventually, I had call back from a chap in HO, telling me Boots can now get them.

                  Due to having issues re depression recently, ie a 'blip', I saw a psychiatrist and he thought Phenilzine was just not available, which is clearly not the situation at all, so he was pleased to know this, even if a bit late.

                  So, I wish you well. I anyone has problems getting their prescribed Phenilzine, I suggest you try Boots, plus enquiring at other pharmacies in your area. If all fails, I suggest phoning Boots Head Office and ask them why they can't access some when you know they're out there.

                  Best wishes to you all
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                I have used phenelzine in the past and found it to be useful, unfortunately a lot of doctors and pharmacists don't understand the difference between direct and indirect sympathomimetics and thought that decongestants like oxymetazoline were dangerous combinations! Even alcohol is fine, and there are relatively few interactions between MAOI's and other medications.