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Area of clinical practice for Independent Pescribing course

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  • Area of clinical practice for Independent Pescribing course

    Hi everyone!

    I´m filling in my application for the IP course to start in September, and can´t make up my mind about what area of clinical practice to choose. I´ve discussed it with my supervisor and they think it´ll be ok to go with something simple like hypertension, but to be honest I´d like to make a better use of these months. I was thinking AF, but also crossed my mind to do it on menopause or even depression, but I´m not sure if that would be too much.

    Could anybody share their experience? Did you do it on something and you were happy about your choice, or did you wish you had done it on something different? Why?

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Hypertension (HTN) is a rather common one. Frankly it is rather straight forward so I personally would focus on something else. That's not to say HTN is child's play, there are many factors to consider in clinical practise but as you said, it is simpler. AF is good in theory but if you did do it, would you be confident in prescribing for AF? I've heard even some GP's are not confident in prescribing for it.

    Mental health is an area that caught my interest. If I was doing my IP, it would be between mental health or diabetes. Pick an area that there is more demand for. I've heard of mental health specialist pharmacists earning £50-60/hour.