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  • to all pharmacists

    hi i have started this forum because i want to hear the views of pharmacy students and pharmacists about pharmacy. i am currently in 2nd year Mpharm and have worked in couple of pharmacies and did not really enjoy it.

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    Re: to all pharmacists

    welcome obrian, i suggest you have a look around and you will get the view of everyone, students, young pharmacists, pre-reg and the experienced pharmacists.

    if you want to look for the good part, check Mr T.S's posts and Zogitta as they motivate you and give you some hope in the profession, if you want some moaning check the discussion topic 'moan and groan ' or something like that.

    if you want to read about the odd things that happen in community pharmacy, check the ' patient's guide to pharmacy'.

    simply have a look around, while others come and present their ideas so at least you know where are they coming from.

    and if you want to read nonsense, keep an eye on my posts

    Welcome to the group
    [COLOR=Olive]xxxx They tried to break my back, but i survived. whatever doesn't kill you, will only makes you stronger xxxx


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      Re: to all pharmacists

      Hey obrian,

      I think you'll find with pharmacy (and this will sound like such a cheesy cliche), "it's what you make of it"....

      Pharmacy can be very frustrating mainly because of bureaucracy! Paperwork and hierarchy can really get you bogged down...but for initial period after qualification you have to work hard to 'prove' yourself (to seniors) and then, take it from me, the world's your oyster.

      You can have great career progression with pharmacy as well have the freedom to 'locum' and be self-employed

      My advice: stick with it and don't become one of those pharmacists who get disheartened so quickly (in my experience they are only those ones who can't get past the initial 'proving' phase)...I love it, it give me the opportunity to be my own boss while still work part time for the NHS where I know I am having a major impact (not just on the wards, but in the projects that i have undertaken)

      Believe me I can go on...I just don't want to see pharmacists walk away from a potentially powerful profession (especially now when there are so many things happening to improve our profesionalism)

      All the best mate,



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        Re: to all pharmacists

        Originally posted by obrian View Post
        i am currently in 2nd year Mpharm and have worked in couple of pharmacies and did not really enjoy it.
        Then switch to another subject before you devote any more time to establishing yourself for a life you don't enjoy.