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  • Master thesis

    I am going to do my master thesis next semester and since I am stuck with two exams I haven’t had the time to explore on the subject my supervisor and I have discussed about. Since the subject is to look at the “use of biomarkers for drug monitoring in osteoporosis and the clinical applicability.” I haven’t had the chance to read on the subject yet because of my exams but I was wondering what kind statements I could go for in this subject.
    I hope you can help with this?

    thank you

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    Well, not quite so bad as the student who asked me to write her thesis for her.

    10 seconds on google

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      This is your thesis at the end of the way so you should be dealing with these questions. If you're struggling then you need to speak to your project supervisor. Having exams is no excuse to not be up to to speed with your project. All other students also have exams. When I did my project last year, I felt like we had more than enough time to deal with exams and the project and I am someone who is a carer and had to travel 4 hours each day...and in the end my project was published in a journal!

      Just go read around the topic and become aware about current uses of markers in osteoporosis. There are ample articles on the topic!