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  • Methadone

    Not sure if this counts as clinical - more formulation.

    Alliance failed to deliver yesterday because of a computer problem and obviously can't deliver today (severe weather conditions). As a result we now don't have enough methadone solution for one of our patients. We're out in the wilds so can't obtain any from another pharmacy and the drug treatment centre is 20 miles away so obtaining a new prescription for today's dose isn't an option (even if there was anywhere to get it dispensed).

    I'm fairly sure that it would be legal to use some Methadone tablets (which we have) to make a solution provided all the relevant records are kept. I know methadone is highly soluble in water. Would this be feasible?

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    I used to make up methadone soln from powder and "green solution". Saved CD cupboard space. In the past, I have made solutions from tablets but not methadone. Check solubility.


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      There's something in MEP41 about this.
      You could also contact the prescriber and see if they would permit supervised methadone tablets given the state of play.
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        I would ring the NPA if you are a member


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          Hi, Just wondering what the end result was of this situation. Hope it all went well.