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Calcium citrate and loratadine: what do they have in common?

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  • Calcium citrate and loratadine: what do they have in common?

    Dear all,

    I know this is not a very busy forum. Still trying. This question is related to a person who suffers under repeated flare-ups of shortness of breath associated with excessive urination and few petechiae, hours after hard sport or landing from long distance flights. Flare-up lasts about 2-6 weeks, worst at night. No constriction, only blood tests found to be pathogenic were slightly low albumin, occ. low Mg, Ca and K, and iron binding capacity sky rockets if ferritin drops below 30. Blood gas test during flare-up shows low O2, normal CO2, pH in middle/higher range*, no known allergies. Heart ok.

    No explanation yet for SOB but considering how it occurs and how long it lasts oedema, dehydration, something metabolic or related to red blood cells (person not anemic) have been brought forward.

    Salbutamol does not help with shortness of breath. What does help is a full tablespoon of calcium citrate powder in water (takes about 70-90 minutes to work) or an antihistamine with loratadine (within 30 minutes - no other types of antihistamine yet tested). Is there anything in either calcium or citrate, and loratadine that might have such effect, and under which conditions?

    *uncertain if the calcium citrate can influence blood pH. Person tried this after a paramedic in the past mentioned kussmaul breathing possibly associated with acidosis. Blood gas test taken many hours after arrival in E&R, when person was feeling better again after initially Ca citrate did not work fully.

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    Calcium deficiency = shortness of breath, so maybe replacing it relieves symptoms