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Supermarket pharmacies - your opinion

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  • Supermarket pharmacies - your opinion

    I am curious of what everyone think of supermarket pharmacies, good and bad points.

    I just accepted a pre-reg offer from one of the supermarkets, am a bit confused of whether I made the right decision or not.

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    Re: Supermarket pharmacies - your opinion

    pre-reg mostly comes down to the tutor.

    If you have a good tutor, mine was very knowledgeable, then you should be fine.

    My pre-reg was with Lloyds (while still owned by Mr Lloyd) and I managed 12 months with them after qualifying. At the time, another 6 months would have given me a long service award!

    So get your MRPharmS (or whatever it is in 12 months) and then get out if you don't like it. (Is my view)

    Good luck
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      Re: Supermarket pharmacies - your opinion

      I really used to look down on Supermarket pharmacists when I was doing my training. Thought that it would never be something Id do.

      Here I am, 8 years later, having spent the last five years in a supermarket. I love it.

      I have time to talk to my customers, I see loads of different groups of people, and have gained the trust and respect of a much broader range of the community than I ever used to in a traditional high street chemist.

      I totally agree about the pre-reg tutor thing though. I had a diabolical tutor on paper, but luckily was mentored by two fantastic pharmacists who helped to shape and mould me into the pharmacist I am today.

      Id say try it, you never know - you might like it!


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        Re: Supermarket pharmacies - your opinion

        My friend's uncle works as a pharmacist in a supermarket and loves it. He even received an award for excellent customer service Another friend of mine locums in a supermarket and seems to really enjoy it too.