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  • Excess / Surplus Stock


    I have always wandered how and what can be done with surplus stocks which are clearly not going to be sold. There is the obvious issue of expiry dates for certain products however i am sure there is a feasible way around this issue for some products.

    I was told by another pharmacist that as a pharmacy it is allowed to sell up to 10% of held stock as wholesale - is this true?

    Where would i be able to find more details about this and inparticular who would be allowed to buy 10% of any excess stocks.

    Thanks in advance

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    seem to remember the C&D running a couple of paragraphs each week re chemists with stock to dispose of. In Sd you can find out who dispenses a certain item and just send it directly to them through kindness of AAH.


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      Re: Excess / Surplus Stock

      As far as i understand you can sell upto 10% based on your turnover. After this you would be required to obtain wholesalers dealer licence.
      I do this with a few pharmacies, but o be on the safe side they have obtained licences, but it is another way to make a few quid for you guys.
      Would be interested myself if you want to PM me, i will get back to you


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        Re: Excess / Surplus Stock

        The NPA offers advice on this and is putting a solution in place within the comming months. I would suggest ringing Raj Nutan at the NPA for more details on 01727 832 161