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    So, I've been registered a month now (and recieved my certificate today), and have now done my first two MURs. The first one was a shock as she just turned up and said 'I'm here for a MUR'! Luckily they were both straightforward, the first one had COPD and her inhaler technique was fine. The second one was her husband, with diclofenac m/r 100mg od and esomeprazole 40mg od, but still getting occasional bouts of heartburn, so advised to see GP.

    So, what are other people's experience of MURs?

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    Originally posted by Steve G
    So, what are other people's experience of MURs?
    If you have anything significant to pass on the GP put it on an A4 sheet of paper - the MUR sheets are too big to scan or file.



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      I've done between 40 and 50 since the beginning of july. I get my staff to suggest suitable candidates, print off a copy of their PMR, and they even fill in as much as they can of the paperwork for me- name, address, DoB etc...; then the forms get attached to the script bag on the shelf, awaiting the patient.
      If there are any issues that I'd like the GP to address, I copy out the final page of the form (the "Action Plan" bit) on a white copy (downloaded from the PSNC website), as it's a lot easier to read than the pink triplicate original. I attach this to the big pink form, and send them to the surgeries once a fortnight, for the attention of the practice phcist.
      Response from the patients is great: they love having time & attention lavished over them, and I get to know them better. The surgeries took a little longer to win over, but are now beginning to see the use of it all.
      Time is a big issue: I'm finding it quite hard to limit myself to 15 minutes contact time with a patient if I want to do a proper job of it, so I've brought in a kitchen timer, and I set it for 15 mins and tell my staff to come and "rescue" me when it goes off, feigning an urgent 'phone call from the A&E department or similar. Wicked but works!
      Giving patients an appointment for an MUR has met with partial success. Some people just don't "do" appointments and timekeeeping, they're best collared straightaway!
      You'll soon find out what works well in your particular shop, with your team and your patients; If at first you don't succeed, try & try again!
      Ze genuine Article, present & perfect!


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        I find that my MUR's take longer than 15 mins generally too. However I have recently completed a few MURs as a result of an intervention and these are quicker. Since I do not work for a large multiple we have to use the NHS paperwork but when forwarding the action plan to the g.p. we make that page the first one. So if they read anything its that. I do find follow up a bit difficult. In a few cases I have rang the receptionist and had them make little changes e.g. putting regular medication onto the repeat slip or altering quantities to aid once monthly ordering.