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Who is responsible for locking up in this situation?

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  • Who is responsible for locking up in this situation?

    I work in a community pharmacy that is located within GP surgery building. Pharmacy shuts at 6pm and surgery closes at 6pm to patients (ie locks the front doors) but reception staff work until 6:30pm. If there is a straggler pt still in pharmacy at 6pm the surgery staff lock the front door and insist that pharmacy staff let them out. I think this is wrong, why should the pharmacy staff take responsibility for ensuring that their building is securely locked? The pharmacy staff leave via a separate exit which of course they are responsible for.

    To me it is ridiculous. If I don't lock their door properly and someone gets in overnight am I liable?? I'm not a registered key holder, the keys stay in the pharmacy safe at all times. Plus it means that my staff are even later leaving because they have to enter the safe to get the keys and lock the door and then return them to the safe. Meanwhile, their staff are still working until 6:30pm anyway.

    Am I being unreasonable??

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    No you’re not being unreasonable. Put your foot down and make sure there are no stragglers left at 6pm in the pharmacy.
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      Thank you for your reply. You are right about putting my foot down, I'm going to make sure that we don't accept any scripts five minutes before and the bloody shutter is going down at 6 on the nose.


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        I was brought up to never close the door in a customer's face. One incident was a lad insisting that he must be served " Because I'm seeing my girlfriend tonight and urgently need a Vaseline shampoo and a packet of three". The worst was when we were on rota week Christmas week. In those days rota was on Saturday as well.
        On Christmas eve the rush started when local offices etc closed at 4pm. Then when we tried to close at 7pm, men kept coming in from the pubs " Must get a present for the wife". I finally got home at 9 pm. I then resolved to get out of retail. Became a rep and from then on always stopped work about 21st Dec and went back about Jan 4th.


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          That's the thing Johnep, it's all well me saying well I'm going to be stricter but in reality it's not so straightforward. My issue isn't serving the last few people, it's that the surgery are insisting that I am responsible for locking up their premises. Their point of view is that because I've 'run late' it's my problem but I disagree.


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            I think this illustrates the difference in which we are considered to be at the beck and call of everyone.The surgery will close the door in your face but if the pharmacy did it, there would be a complaint to HO.
            So it is quite OK to load things onto a pharmacist, but a Dr must have help.


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              Any complaint against a pharmacist is taken very seriously.
              Even the way you blink can be cause.

              Once told off by AM for looking too serious all the time.
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              How times change.

              If you find you have read something that has upset or offended you an anyway please unread it at once.


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                You're spot on, Pharmanaut! But then when the patient is on the brink of death because the GP hasn't sent their omeprazole rx across you're accused of not taking it seriously enough can't win!


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                  Contractually, I reckon Surgeries and Pharmacies should see their last patients an hour before closing, so as to allow for a safe wind down. Of course, the discretion would be retained by the Pharmacist/GP/Dentist based on situation. The additional rush in Pharmacies towards the end of the day is quite frankly even more ridiculous.

                  The question is whether Pharmacists in particular would have the autonomy and discretion of that time. You know, all but one of the staff wiould be left to work with, and/or "planograms" would be scheduled by "headoffice" to be done by the "retail assistant" during that time!

                  In a bizzarro world, the OP would be able to just call up to the managing partner Dr and have a frank chat about the situation as respectable Professional peers. But here we are -- "you're just a Pharmacist".


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                    Used to be said pharmacy was the handmaid of medicine. Now it is the whipping boy.