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Dispensing odd quantity for oral contraceptive/ sex hormone

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  • Dispensing odd quantity for oral contraceptive/ sex hormone

    I was under the impression that you should not split contraceptive/ sex hormone packs (e.g. livial). The minimum quantity was one cycle.

    However, when I looked at the special container directory on PSNC, they are not on the list.

    How many tablets should I be giving on a prescription for 56 Cerelle tablets/ estradiol tablets/ Norgeston tablets?

    What about emergency supply for livial?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    I would say there's no problem in splitting a pack for contraceptive pill as long as you give out a complete cycle. Sometimes the boxes have 3 cycles in, you could just give one out. So for a rx for 56 cerelle, I would give 56, same with estradiol. I'm not familiar with norgeston, would probably give out 2 cycles (whatever quantity that is hahah).

    As per the emergency supply for livial, I would follow the same rules as per any other emergency supply