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    you know those NPA registers they use in pharmacies, how much do they cost. That is they initial cost of the bound folder package etc... and also the cost per booklet when you have to buy a new one.

    if you dont know dont bother.

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    Re: NPA Registers

    price varies depending on the company and particular subset of folder types required as there are a few variations and they all cost different amounts. I suggest you ring the NPA and get a quote.

    oops. i don't know. so i shouldn't post.
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      Re: NPA Registers

      They are quite expensive: I can't be more specific than that! The inserts are of two thicknesses, and I think they are a few pounds each.

      I do know that one company rules the boxes horizontally so that they last twice as long - a serious money-saving exercise!
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        Re: NPA Registers

        Complete set, one binder plus tabbed dividers and inserts is £35 + postage

        Binder on it own is £9.99 + postage

        Blank inserts(pack of 5) are £7.75 + postage