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Xarelto and ibuprofen interaction!

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  • Xarelto and ibuprofen interaction!

    Panicking plz help!

    I did an otc consultation with a patient who was complaining of pain and congestion in sinuses and runny nose, so I suggested the sudafed sinus pressure relief tablets (pseudoephedrine and ibuprofen) and loratidine tablets. She said she’s used sudafed before and agreed to use them as she was paying for them I asked if she is taking any medicines and she said xarelto and I checked the interaction between pseudoephedrine and xarelto and was no interaction but totally forgot about ibuprofen (as it got busy and got distracted)
    and just came to my mind when she left the pharmacy.
    has anyone seen any patients taking ibuprofen with xarelto before?
    Am I in trouble? Cannot stop thinking about it

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    Well the patient is going to be more at risk of bleeds taking ibuprofen and rivaroxaban aren’t they? Did you speak to your pharmacist? It’s actually listed as red in the BNF.
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      I dont think theres much you can do now. Do you know what dose the patient is on?

      To put your mind at ease, the ibuprofen content is only 200mg and at maimum dose, they will only be taking 800 mg a day which is less than the normal 1200mg a day.