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What are the potential ramifications of this incident?

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  • What are the potential ramifications of this incident?

    Some gentleman wanted purchase phengran in the pharmacy, however when I refused to do so, he was being difficult (he also wanted codeine linctus and piriton. He kept being passive aggressive till I told him to contact head office and make a complaint.

    How worried should I be?
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    Are you a member of the PDA? If so get on to them as soon as possible.


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      If HO do not support you then they will be in trouble not you. The DM would love this.


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        Here is a good phrase to give back to the person from HO.
        "I believe at the time I dealt with the patient in a discrete, polite, non-judgmental way in their interest for medicines safety".

        Some customers have the belief that if they threaten you with a complaint you will cower at the thought and let them have what they want.
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          I wouldn't be worried at all. I'd be surprised if he actually submitted a complaint and if he did then you can justify your actions. It would be worth making a note somewhere of the incident and what was said in case you have to contact the professional standards dept of your employer


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            Ditto what everyone has already said: if he does make a complaint, his complaint can't go far.

            Well done for sticking up to your guns!