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A mother of a 14 year old wanting to buy ellaOne

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  • A mother of a 14 year old wanting to buy ellaOne

    Hi all, any thoughts on the above? I had mixed feedback from more senior pharmacists I know so wonder what you think?

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    Would have to send them to their GP or a walk-in-clinic.
    Media circus if it got out that a pharmacist had done this.
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      It is an interesting one that everyone would prefer not to have to deal with. There isn’t a right or wrong answer, which is why you have got different opinions.

      First consideration has to be what is best for the child who is a victim of a criminal act. If accessing another service could cause a delay then there is a case to be made for supplying but under child protection guidelines there has to be reporting, even if referred elsewhere.


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        It may not be abuse, mandatory reporting is only for under 13 isn't it? Can use Fraser/gillick competency, my concern would be if the pgd covers it, in our area it doesn't cover under 16 so need a prescription, and can't buy it either. Also my concern would be if the mother was forcing her to get it, we have had similar with an irate father who wanted us to make his daughter take ehc.