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  • Boots summer placement

    Hey all,

    Im a thrid year pharmacy student and have been accepted on the boots summer placement which i have accepted,however i have just realized that this is the location they offer you the pre reg.
    I do not want this location for the pre reg but im not to sure about my options,i am happy to complete the summer placement there but not a whole year pre reg!
    How would i go about it?Do you think i should request for a change of location for the summer placement which is highly unlikely they will allow it or do you think i should wait until next year and then inform them that i would like to change location?

    Please let me know


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    Re: Boots summer placement

    Hey Kizza
    do the summer placement, they will offer you a pre-reg, and you will prioritize the locations of interest. they can not force you to do the pre-reg in a store you don't like, don't worry it is simple to ask them to relocate you to another store, and i believe they will.

    Good luck
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