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  • 100 Hour Pharmacies!!


    I work in a long established community pharmacy in London and just recieved notification of an 100hr Pharmacy contract proposal (the second one within the last 6months), for a pharmacy less than a mile up the road. As a pharmacy student I at first did not relise the impact of this on my pharmacy and the pharmacy that is directly opposite it.
    I understand that improving patient access to medicines and having access to essential health information from pharmacists is really important in this era of patient focused pharmacy, but I really do think that the PCT should not allow this to go ahead with this proposal. I'm not saying that there should be no 100hr pharmacy I just think it should be more regulated and should have more consideration for the pre-existing businesses.
    I'm not sure if its something my pharmacy should be worried about, but I'd certainly be worried if I were the pharmacy almost opposite it.
    but I personally think this is potentially worrying because it could mean a reduction in monthly scripts, maybe not initially but a slow dripping effect.
    with people realising that they can pick up thier script on a sunday somewhere else or they can pick it up earlier or later in the day somewhere else etc..

    I just wonder if anyone else is worried about this new wave of 100 hr pharmacy and what can businesses do to try and prevent the negative impact in the event of a 100hr pharmacy opening?

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    Re: 100 Hour Pharmacies!!

    I know the way you feel, a long-time colleague of mine has had this over his head for the last 20 months or so.

    You need an action plan to secure your existing prescriptions.
    First thing is to set up a collection system for prescriptions (if you don't have one already) that is ultra-efficient.
    One of the PMR suppliers (I think its cegedim) is offering some kind of text messaging to remind folk to collect their prescription.

    Is your shop a 'bazaar' or does it say 'healthcare'?
    See C&D's Troubleshooter section.

    This sounds daft, but make sure all your staff are polite and well mannered. Make your shop the last bastion of friendly, cheerful efficient, personal service.
    For example, how many time do you get served in other retailers by someone who can't be bothered or is on the phone while serving you?

    See if you can get involved in some way with the local surgeries, for example if there is a new receptionist ask if they would like to see what happens to prescriptions etc?

    OK Any more and there will be a consultancy fee! <only joking>
    Good luck.
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    How times change.

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      Re: 100 Hour Pharmacies!!

      I don't know but I think there should be more contracts given out. Since the mid 80's when control of entry came about the number of pharmacies in the UK has been virtually static at the same time the number of items has just about doubled.

      The pharmacies I work in now are at breaking point, there is no slack in the system, the infrastructure is just not there anymore. New contracts are needed asap to take the pressure off the existing pharmacies.


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        Re: 100 Hour Pharmacies!!

        Well no one has told the multiples, they are pressing staff to do more and more scripts with league tables etc. They recognise no limit with regard to nbr of items.


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          Re: 100 Hour Pharmacies!!

          If somebody can find me a good location for a 100 hour pharmacy the reward will be £2000


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            Re: 100 Hour Pharmacies!!

            Someone else offered £1,000, now £2,000. Any advance?