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NHS Bans Fax Machines

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    Originally posted by Racer2 View Post
    Whatever happened to Maurice Hickey?
    IIRC his marriage broke up, so he sold his pharmacy and went to Australia. Occasionally pops up on the web, but I haven't seen him for a while. I don't look at Scottish footbal forums though; might be there.


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      Getting rid of FAX machines in favour of secure email is great but unfortunately I predict a large number of pictures of prescriptions being taken on peoples personal phones and emailed via gmail, hotmail or worse still whatsapp. At least with a fax there's an original at one end and a copy at the other. Email creates extra copies on the way. There's the original, a picture on the phone, a backup of the picture on Google Drive or similar, a copy in the email, a copy on the email server, a copy on each server between the sender and recipient, a copy in the received email and then whereever the recipient keeps the image on their PC. You can't accidentally "send to all" with a fax machine.
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