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Paper Drug Tariff to end.

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  • Paper Drug Tariff to end.

    The easiest way to view it to me is to download the PDF to your local system.
    Then view it in a PDF viewer.
    Q: Why do it like that when you can view and search online, even on your smartphone?
    A: The search on the PDF is within the actual text and is better than the online search.

    Also you can keep the PDF if you want to compare something from a few months ago if you have too.

    Top Tariff Tip.
    Make sure you at least scan the preface.
    It saves you from ringing up the NHSBSA or your system supplier when the PMR system says an appliance is blacklisted and your dispenser/patient is sure that it isn't!

    47 BC : Julius Cesar : Veni Vidi Vici : I came, I saw I conquered.
    2018 AD : Modern Man : I shopped, I clicked, I collected.
    How times change.

    If you find you have read something that has upset or offended you an anyway please unread it at once.

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    Love the tips.

    My dispensary computer may not be up to the job though!