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Flu Jabs for Over 65s

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  • Flu Jabs for Over 65s

    I appear to have missed the boat this year for getting flu jabs in for the over 65 years age group. This year, this age group need the adjuvant trivalent jab FLUAD. I've contacted various wholesalers about obtaining it, but they won't be involved in this age group. Is anybody aware if there is anywhere else to get the adjuvant trivalent jab apart from the manufacturer Seqirus?

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    No.AFAIK They are the only ones sorry.


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      i am in the same boat as you have tried sequiris but no stock available ahh and alliance are no help as they do not know if they will get any more stock they just say ring each morning


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        How can there be only one manufacture of the one vaccine that is the sole recommendation for one of the most vulnerable groups?
        Is there something going on behind the scenes involving 'brown envelopes?
        Or is it a case of 5P failure (6P if you are feeling angry)

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