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    so recently we had a script come in for Anugesic cream. We didn’t have any in stock and more frustratingly It wasn’t coming up on the PMR... it wasn’t till I internet searched it that I realised it had been discontinued in 2013!
    My question is then, is there a ‘one-stop’ resource/website where we can check if an item has been discontinued?

    many thanks in advance!

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    I don't think there is.
    If it is not listed on your computer - see if you can find it on a general product file - and include discontinued products in the search.
    You may find a discontinued date on the listing.
    Most computers don't actually delete products - they hide them from general view.
    Someone in IT would say they are 'logically deleted'.
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      Oh well... That’s a point actually, on our PMR (pharmacy manager) when you order an item, a ‘discontinued’ logo appears next to the item if it is as such. Might try ordering (and then deleting) to check any suspected discontinued items.
      Thanks Pharmanaut.

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    There isn't afaik. It's a problem that all retail jobs have. You could never make an authoritative list, however an attempt at it would be useful.


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      The company I work for produce an 'out of stock' bulletin which is regularly updated with information about return dates and suitable alternative products that could be recommended to the gp to switch to.
      If you work for a big pharmacy chain I'm sure there'll be something similar to the out of stock bulletin we get