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  • Morning after pills

    Is that possible to sell Morning after pill to a husband?

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    You are supposed to check with the actual pt. I have had this request from Asians. I had to refuse and request that the lady concerned talk to a pharmacist. If necessary he could act as interpreter.


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      The woman who wants the treatment has to talk to the pharmacist. This is to prevent rapists and pimps from buying tablets and forcing women to take them. I’ll let others decide if this is effective or proportionate.


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        I always insist on having a conversation with the patient ("To go through the list of medical questions", I tell the partner), preferably in person but occasionally they may not be able to come in (eg at work) so I do offer for them to phone and go through the questions. Often the boyfriend/husband will happily dial and pass the phone over. The Safeguarding training did open my eyes to what Hibernia mentioned above. I always had a policy of talking only to the patient in the counseling room unless an interpreter was required. Sometimes I think the partners felt obliged to offer moral support but don't remember anyone objecting to my polite "I usually just go through the questions with the patient". I used to be a bit more accommodating but after a couple of "Have you taken this medicine before?" and curious looks and uncomfortable glances after an answer of "Yes", I decided I'd just talk to the lady in question only if at all possible.