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  • Incompetent manager?

    Has anyone been in this situation and what is the solution?
    i work in a large branch for one of the multiples. A new pharmacy manager (who is also a pharmacist) has taken over. The old manager ran the place very well (with my help) and was strict - but it was needed because of the size (and youth) of the team. They are now on mat leave.
    i initially refused to cover this leave (for various reasons) but then managed for a short interim period, tried to show my interest, but was too late as they'd found someone else. Didn't mind this though, and happy for someone "more experienced" to take over, according to the area manager.
    however, this new manager has been here for 3 weeks, and is , to put it bluntly - absolutely useless!
    i tried for the first few weeks to coax them into management, having overall control of the process, etc. However, they are already showing a complete lack of interest, turning up late and taking random holidays. They also don't engage with the staff , don't even ask how they're getting on, and just come in and check , almost like they're just a locum (no offence.)
    they have been spoilt by the fact that the team are quite experienced and there are some very hard working people in the team. But we are getting fed up of him. Also, there are a few less hard working staff members who are just doing as they please (turning up late, extended breaks etc), and are loving it, as the manager is turning a blind eye. Staff are confused as there is no clear leadership. I feel bad as they are automatically coming to me, but I am refusing to take over managerial duties as I am not being paid as a manager, so why should I?
    in addition, I don't want to be manager, all I'd like is that we get a manager who shows an interest and shows strong leadership.

    sorry for the rant, but what can I do? I am afraid if I go to this manager, he will think I'm trying to overthrow him, and I think the area manager would also think that. Our team is hard working and head office probably think it's all due to our manager - the truth being, that the manager is the least hard working in there!

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    Speaking neutrally, reading your statement as is, I'm really struggling to see any 'big issues' there, or any issues there at all apart from some staff now turning up late and taking longer breaks. There are people that do that in the main pharmacy I work in!

    In this situation it really depends how you see it, so some branches have no managers at all for stints of time. The area manager unless they see catastrophic problems arising, just sees it on paper, you have a manager now as opposed to no manager. Great, massive slap on the back for them. When area managers have to cover a maternity leave it's not any different from a bad manager that can't rota, square pegs are just rammed in round holes, anything to cover it on paper.

    Again speaking neutrally. Your manager new manager sounds like most managers I've ever met on the whole (perhaps a bit worse).

    You need to pin down specific stuff that's not getting done. Write everything down.


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      Yeah as you have management experience yourself, ask for a meeting and tell him the jobs you'd like done and to what standard. You have responsibility for store performance too.


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        Get him out the door and do the job yourself and get the pay rise. Sounds like you could do it but you can’t be bothered?


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          Agree with mcitr in struggling to see any big issues. Speak if patient safety is compromised. Refer all staff with complaints to the manager. Maintain YOUR own high standards and leave him to it.