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  • nhs contract monitoring visit

    Has any one had a contract visit and how do I prepare this will be my first visit should i be worried

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    Seem to remember previous post. Use the search box to search the forum.


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      Had one a couple of weeks ago. You should be filling in the 98 (yes 98) Page pre-visit questionnaire. Only 2 questions per page!

      Cannot remember the link but you can google or search for it. You will need to know your contract number beginning with fl.

      they were extremely thorough - good luck.


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        The pre-visit questionnaire is basically the full version of the CPAF questions (not the light version)

        Just remember your pharmacy pays a levy to the LPC for situations like this. You are literally paying for their support and you should definitely use it. From my understanding you can even ask for a representative of the LPC to be there for the day of your visit.

        As long as your MUR, NMS and flu paperwork are in order and you can answer the questions they may have I wouldn't be too concerned.
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          How long to your inspection? Have you maybe left it too late? Information governance, clinical governance, knowledge and compliance with a good set of up-to-date SOPs. Staff appraisals. You don't have to prove everything with paperwork, its all about having systems and procedures in place that are understood and followed by all staff. To be confident you should have a system in place for checking performance in the pharmacy throughout the year.