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  • Selling day and night nurse....

    Hoping you can help clarify for me...
    I seem to have differing ideas to many of my colleagues when selling day and night nurse.

    would it be ok to sell night nurse or day nurse to patient with no contraindications if:
    1) patient is not experiencing any cough but has a bad cold and having other colds symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, aches and pains).
    2) would you sell this product to people who want to keep it in the cupboard for future when they get a bad cold but not experiencing anything at point of sale.
    3) do you sell it to people who want it to help sleep but only have minor cold symptoms

    thanks in advance !

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    I agree with all 3 of these and selling the 2 together as long as there are no contraindications or misuse


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      The bottom line is that some people are addicted to night nurse for the promethazine.

      For situation 3 in particular, the way the public perceive night nurse partly through marketing is that that's exactly what it is for.

      Just go through WWHAM questions and see what the RP's view is. Pharmacists are like economists, you'll get 11 different views from 10 different pharmacists.

      The issue with the night nurse in particular is that people will say nope had it before, no medications, when you ask more they'll often say yes I have asthma but what's that got to do with it!

      Promethazine is pretty potent stuff. The issue as some might see it is that is it a lesser evil selling them a small bit of night nurse than selling promethazine straight? Or does someone then go to a pharmacy bonkers enough to sell phenergan in large packets for the same price as a bottle of night nurse and use it even more?


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        The marketing is a problem but if even minor cold symptoms are keeping you awake then a solution that will give you a good night’s sleep and leave you in better form in the morning is welcome.
        Like most solutions, a few nights isn’t an issue but when it becomes every night the problems start and can be difficult to solve. It isn’t difficult to report the ‘right’ symptoms to make a purchase without arousing suspicion.


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          Thanks for your replies. I do have big issues with the marketing of night nurse and don’t think it helps people in pharmacies as customers believe they can come in and just get it as that’s what the advert tells them even if it it’s not the right medication for them.

          just another point would you sell it to someone presenting with both chesty and dry cough?


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            Before my Blood Pressure, I took it when necessary. We used phenergan for both our children without any problem. just noticed my daughter could be a bit "ratty" the next morning. However, we had a good night's sleep.