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What price to endorse on NCSO products?

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  • What price to endorse on NCSO products?

    Hi all,

    I'm sure managers/contractors/pharmacists know the NCSO drama happening in community at the moment. What price do you endorse on the prescription? Is it the price we buy it in for or the NCSO price? The endorsement guidance states we should endorse the price & manufacturer/supplier so just wanted clarification.


    A Pharmacist

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    Never mind this post, been sorted. I was getting confused with NCSO and price concessions. They're different...


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      Glad you sorted it out.
      The PSNC website does have this information but it does need to be thought about.
      NCSO endorsing is still 'on the books' but is in abeyance due to pricing concessions.

      There are some tips on electronic endorsing that are 'must read' too.
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