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to nwos or to send to the ppa

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  • to nwos or to send to the ppa

    Hi l have been told that l should send my prescriptions to the PPA for payment ie order the stock in and send the rx off for payment as "it will increase the aiv and thus increase profitability" l disagree with this as l would make more money place placing an agency order with nwos. Could anyone tell me who is right, my take on aiv is that it only increase the advance payment which is then deducted 2 month later and we are paid the basic price of the item and therefore increaing the aiv doesn't increase profit.

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    We've always been told (and it's written in our SOP's) that we make more money by placing agency order through NWOS/Wardles for dressings, catheters, ostomy items etc-would be interested to hear from more experienced people if that's correct.


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      Answer is that the agency scheme works because appliance contractors still get 'oncost'.
      This was given up by pharmacy years ago as part of some give and take with the pharmacy contract.
      Hence the pitiful payments for handling expensive appliances for pharmacy.
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        You want to earn £5 for posting a piece of paper. They want to buy, supply, make £2.50 & tell you this is a better way. There are no prizes for having a higher AIV apart from incurring a higher discount deduction (marginal) from the DT. There are delivery fees paid to the contractor, so perhaps NWOS (I don't deal with them) only give a % of value as opposed to beating your existing remuneration. If this is the case, then they are right, but for the wrong reasons. Hope this makes sense.