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Working for two different companies

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  • Working for two different companies

    I'm currently a third year pharmacy student and do placements over the summer to gain experience. Through summer placements I have worked for two different companies - I'll call them company A and company B. I worked for company A in first and second year summer. Then company B in second year summer, at a different time to company A. I am doing the same again this year - I signed a contract for company A for a set amount of weeks, and then a contract for company B for a set amount of weeks at a different time. There is no overlap between the placements and they're both paid. It's obvious on my CV and summer placement application forms that I have worked for the two different companies. However, I feel like it's now getting a bit complicated. I was given a pre-reg offer for company A a few months ago. I told them I couldn't accept it as I wanted to pursue hospital pharmacy, and the application process hadn't opened yet. They offered to hold the offer for me until I found out if I had a gotten a hospital pre-reg. As this is a company that I really enjoyed working for, I decided to hold the offer. However, now company B has said that they would like to consider me for a pre-reg position. I don't think applying would be a good idea as I am wanting to pursue hospital and already hold another offer for company A. My plan was to be honest, explain the situation and thank them for their consideration. However, I am now worrying that they will be annoyed that I am holding an offer for another community pharmacy and doing a placement with them, and terminate my summer placement contract.

    My contract states that I can't be engaged in any capacity with any other pharmacy during my placement. I assumed that it would be fine to accept another placement/pre-reg position as long as the two contracts didn't overlap. But now I have a pre-reg offer I'm starting to worry. I've gained a lot of experience from working with two different companies, and it has allowed me to make more informed decisions about pre-reg. I've also been honest about it - it's on my CV and I've mentioned it before to members of staff/head office. I'm just wondering what people's thoughts on this are?

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    If this was me, and it was once me, I wouldn't worry about "letting down" either company. In my experience they all have short memories as people come and go all the time. If you have twelve pre registration positions on offer and you don't take any of them they will soon fill them, trust me on that one.

    put yourself first and if you have to turn down offers just put it politely and don't burn your bridges. Say something "I would have loved to make it work but it just wasn't viable at this time" or some such thing.
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      Whats the problem? tell comp B you can't accept as you applying hospital. Don't tell no one what other comp has offered you as it is non of their business. Unless you want to go with comp B for pre-reg then that could be used as negotiation either for better wages or better training/ days off etc.

      #firstworldproblems you are fortunate you have several option available. Be thankful to god as others might be struggling to get a place.