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Silent Knight Snoring Ring - any OBJECTIVE info, anyone?

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  • Silent Knight Snoring Ring - any OBJECTIVE info, anyone?

    Has anyone heard of the above-mentioned product? According to the info forwarded by my Head Office, "Men should wear the ring on the little finger of their right hand, women on the little finger of their left hand.";"The ring should be worn for at least 30 minutes before going to sleep."

    I can assure you that the memo I'm quoting from is NOT dated april 1st; it even goes on to state that "Prior to the product being launched in stores it was extensively tested by staff at [Head Office address withheld] and it was found to be extremely effective when used correctly."

    Well at least now I know what they get up to in Head Office...
    Ze genuine Article, present & perfect!

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    Sounds interesting, especially as I have to wear ear plugs every night!

    I can't see it working though can you? Really? It seems a gimmick to me.

    How do they explain how it works?

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