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  • What would you do?

    Here's one that I came across a few years ago, whilst doing a Saturday morning locum in Scotland..

    Rx presented by girl..16ish, for Schering PC4, prn, Mitte 10 packs.

    Eventually contacted prescriber..story was he'd tried her on all sorts of OCPs, including 28 day "no break" preparations, and she always had serious problems with compliance. She and her boyfriend were going on holiday, and he refused point blank to use condoms. She would not agree to injection of any sort, and intra-uterine devices were also not an option. (No patches were as yet available).

    The GP saw this as the only way to avoid future complications. We agreed that I dispense three packs only, and she would contact him should she require more.

    Bizarre I know..anyone come across anything like this before?

    Don't Stop Believing

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    Re: What would you do?

    Having had to take PC4 once as an undergrad (young and foolish, ah those were the days...), I would imagine she'd only have taken it the once and never again, the nausea would have sorted out the problem on its own.