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Diamorphine supply problem, an appeal for assistance in Hull

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  • Diamorphine supply problem, an appeal for assistance in Hull

    Currently I have 3 lads who collect diamorphine ampoules from me each day.

    Unfortunately, they have over the years, failed to respond to methadone et al treatments. Believe me, there are no alternative treatments. I have been down this path, including switching to dose equivalents morphine etc etc

    They are 3 of the nicest people you could meet.

    At the moment and for the foreseeable future there is a supply problem getting diamorphine ampoules.

    I have found, it is possible, to get diamorphine amps if you speak to the right people in the supply chain.

    However I am contemplating leaving my position since management are going to force me to conduct a MUR each day, which I judge is not being resourced sufficiently to perform my role safely.

    I am very concerned what will happen to these 3 patients if I leave.

    Therefore I am appealing to other Pharmacists in Hull to take on these 3 lads and commit them selves to supplying them with diamorphine amps.

    I can give you contact details for CP Pharm and AAH, so that you can get the diamorphine each month but it means, you have to chase it, by making a few phone calls each month, so there is a little work on your part, which as these lads will testify, most pharmacists are not willing to do.

    I am currently between a rock and a hard place, as I feel, if I stay in my post, I will eventually, due to the work pressure commit an error with the possibility of being struck off, whereas, if I leave these 3 lads will quite literally end up dead since they won’t be able to find a pharmacist who can take the trouble of chasing down their diamorphine each month.

    Anyone out there who can help in this matter?

    Mister Pharmacist