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  • Working for a multiple?! MURS


    I'm a pre-reg student and I am sitting my exam this Friday (prob why I am wasting time on here instead of revising!).

    Anyway I have completed my training in hospital and I am going into community once I qualify because I fancy a change.

    I am starting to get worried! I have accepted a job as a relief with a large multiple and I've heard that there is a lot of pressure to meet MUR targets. What are peoples experience's/thoughts?

    Any tips on how to get patients to spare some time to have an MUR done?

    Have a made a really big mistake by signing a contract with a large multiple?!!!

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    Re: Working for a multiple?! MURS

    depends on the multiple really - the one i used to work for had no pressure at all for MURs but the one i work for now really likes to lean on us and has started a 'name and shame' policy which i feel is a little undermining for us at the coalface.

    Don't worry too much about throwing out MUR after MUR to appease an area manager - look at it this way - you want to give quality - if you're newly qualified you're still learning - when i qualified 5 years ago i felt very out of my depth, and for a good couple of years was still learning the ins and outs. Be very careful of working in a script factory as a first position - unless you did your pre-reg in it it can feel like a trial by fire!
    Your team can be your lifeline - an experienced dispenser has seen all the ins and outs before and can let you know how situations have been resolved in the past.
    And don't forget, you'll have other managers not too far away you can ring for advice on things - always helps to have a friendly ear at another store!

    As for collaring people for MURs - hopefully your team in-store will be helpful for you if its a busy shop and you're chained to the dispensary bench like a robot ("i am pharmacist. Please insert basket for checking" syndrome). If you're in a quieter store however a lot of your patients will like the personal touch of you having a quick chat about their meds and then selling the idea of an MUR to them. It all depends on your personal style.
    A good thing to do is to have whoever's doing labelling on the PC to check the PMR and see if the patient fits criteria for a MUR then stick a little label on the Rx or basket for you to see - and make sure any you do do get recorded on the pmr so you don't re-do people too early!

    If you want any specific opinions of employers from my past experience, pm me.
    “It's not worth doing something unless you were doing something that someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing.”

    Terry Pratchett


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      Re: Working for a multiple?! MURS

      Originally posted by brorlum View Post

      Have a made a really big mistake by signing a contract with a large multiple?!!!
      Provided that you are not locked in with any golden hellos, no.

      Don't worry about MUR targets at the moment - In my experience its the managers in the branches who get hassled not the reliefs.

      Good luck with the exam - My year was the first year to sit it - There were no past papers, 120 questions in 2 hours, they have reduced this a lot so I hear! I had a nose bleed in the middle of it I was so stressed, (was even more stressed when I have to leave for 10 minutes with a tutor) still I passed 1st time.