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  • Supervision...!!!!!!

    Hello Everyone..

    I work as a locum. One particular place i've been told by the assistant that the 'OWNER'

    - Leaves her alone the whole day (without a pharmacist) to handle the prescriptions

    - Has asked her to dispense and hand out medicines (without a pharmacist)

    - He asked one of his friends (who is not a pharmacist) to act as a pharmacist, dispense and hand out.

    - I myself have noticed on the days he works, he will let the assistant open the pharmacy at 9:30 and he will then come to the pharmacy around 12-1pm.

    - I have told the assistant this is wrong, but she does not listen (because her hours will be affected) and continues to cover for the owner.

    - He has even asked the assistant to hand out methadone, because he was running late.

    -He treats his part-time staff like trash. The owner will walk in on another staffs working day and tell them ' i dnt need you now, you can go home'.

    -He has also tried to invite me into his car, very late nite on a weekend, when im not working.

    What does everyone think??
    Lazy Lady...

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    Re: Supervision...!!!!!!

    I think I'd prefer it if you only did each post once please.

    If you really do work as a locum, you know the answer to this little lot.

    You must have a bit of a clue to what is illegal?

    I'm not trying to be funny, but you really need to ask on this?
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      Re: Supervision...!!!!!!

      No problem, report to the society so that an inspector can check.