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Hunting for a summer placement.

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  • Hunting for a summer placement.

    I am currently a second year pharmacy studying in Portsmouth. And i am dying to get a summer placement in related field. I have tried on Boots, Lloyds, hospital pharmacy. Unfortunately, I didn't get any replies from them. Can anyone tell me, where can I look now, for a summer experiences, as I have so little information about working in a community pharmacy. Should i just pop into a local pharmacy and ask for a job? or should I look from other place?

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    Re: Hunting for a summer placement.

    Pop in to a pharmacy and introduce your self in person, it will make the difference, thats what i done in my second year, i then became the saturday girl, the summer girl and now the pre reg girl, im in brighton though so i cannot advise you on where needs staff!! BUT if portsmouth is anything like here -staff are always required! And as a pre reg i would say go for it now, all experience stands by you,, BIG TIME! Best thing i ever done.
    Good Luck!! X