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Australia ! imigration process query

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  • Australia ! imigration process query

    Has anyone tried to emigrate to Australia.
    I am in the process of doing some research. Retail Pharmacy is in the list of occupations that are in demand. BUT apparently the skills assessment that needs to be done means UK registered Pharmacists have to do very leangthy exams. Has anyone any experience of the "skills assessment" required.

    so far i have discovered the following (Hope it helps someone)

    1 to apply you need 120 points
    Pharmacist Jobs in Australia: Australian Visa Bureau)
    Department of Immigration and Citizenship click visas,workers,professionals,visa options etc..
    2 you need to have skills assesed- certified transcripts of degree will be required!
    3 then you need to apply for skilled visa before age 45
    4 once ranted you need to go to austarlia within 12 months, even if only for 1 day- to activate visa. then you have 5 years to emigrate
    5 Permanant residency can be applied for after 2 years (not sure on this one).
    6 skilled migration visa - allows you to sponser family members from day one
    7 salaries there are about 20% less than here but there is sun sea and sand

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    Re: Australia ! imigration process query

    The "sun sea and sand" isn't like what you would normally think if you come to Australia and actually live here. If you really think Australia is full of natural beauty, beaches, and resources, think again. Australia is a good country for tourism, but lifestyle is behind North America and UK. What you see on the media, photos, and magazines are very exaggerated.

    I haven't been to UK but I hear Australia lags behind in a lot of things compared to other countries. Inflation is a serious problem here, with no increase in earning of pharmacists. I haven't seen any friends that think Australian pharmacists have high income. I even know some willing to do a different area other than pharmacy.