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    Recently, AAH were o/s of Physeptone and supplied the Rosemont brand.
    I put it in the sugared section of the methadone reg only to be castigated by another pharmacist who said it should have gone into its own reg. apparently there was a section, but in another register which I never found.

    Today I contacted the society legal dept who confirmed to me that entries should be grouped by form and strength only. However, if company policy to separate brands, then this can be done, but not legal requirement at present.

    I will check SOP tomorrow (if time!) and see what pharm super says.

    Of course from Feb 1st all changes again and legal dept promised will be explanatory bulletin in PJ.

    I raised question of patches where it is quite usual to have to supply different brand on an owing and this can give rise to running balance errors.

    There is also the question of pharmacies running out of stationery and this happened last week when new item came in and all I could do was put the delivery note in the register. Legal dept said borrow some from another branch.
    Very difficult at weekends and Bank holidays.

    What is policy elswhere?

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    Re: CD Delights

    Originally posted by johnep View Post

    What is policy elswhere?
    The CD record keeping requirements are in an absolute mess.
    Add to that the rules keep changing and are different according to what part of the UK you are in. Still - I suppose it could be worse - it could differ from PCT to PCT as well.

    I would not want to put the same people in charge if the UK decided to switch from driving on the left to driving on the right....
    We'd all end up driving down the middle.
    47 BC : Julius Cesar : Veni Vidi Vici : I came, I saw I conquered.
    2018 AD : Modern Man : I shopped, I clicked, I collected.
    How times change.

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      Re: CD Delights

      What a bunch of numpties the pharmacy profession is to allow allow itself to get conned in this way.

      All because of a murderous doctor pharmacists get all the main aggravation of increased regulation AND life is made easier for doctors. Kind of makes you wonder what would have happened to pharmacy if Shipman had been a pharmacist..?

      According to the latest edict emanating from my " on high " every drug form, strength AND brand will require its own dedicated CD insert. Might be workable if the brands our wholesaler supplied remained steady but no chance. As they say you take what they decide to give. eg we regularly get up to three different brands of methylphenidate 10mg. If you add in the two inserts for Concerta XL that makes at least 5 inserts for methylphenidate alone. Crazy.

      All this before we get into the minefield of signatures for who is collecting Rx CD's. Thank God I know the vast majority of my patients but I can see some pharmacies having a real hard time with this one.

      Naturally we will be implementing these increased regulations for next to nothing. In these circumstances my use of the word numpty seems rather appropriate.


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        Re: CD Delights

        I no longer have any idea who is allowed to destroy CD's -apparently new guidance started 1st January


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          Re: CD Delights

          Agreed. This whole thing is a mess.

          I've been in my particular shop four about 6 years. Have had to completely restart the register three times.

          Im currently using the NPA new standard format A4 type in the ring binder, with a column for Supplying Pharmacists Name and Registration Number.

          Apparently, this isnt any good anymore, so our company have now sent out new ones with wording "Was identification asked for" and "Proof of identification seen" and initials.

          Its farcical.

          As it stands, my CD reg consists of two full NPA A4 registers that weigh a ton. And a separate file for methadone.

          And when the electronic one comes, we'll have to do it all again!!!


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            Re: CD Delights

            Just had a troubled night because we appear to be short of 32 sevredol 10mg.

            In future I am going to refuse to do a cd script where I am being harassed because the patient is impatient until I have checked cupd stock before and after dispensing a script.