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  • Buying a pharmacy

    I have recently brought a pharmacy from Orridge. I feel that I have been conned. Orridge has recommended a rubbish solicitor to me who I know more about law than him.

    After we have taken over the pharmacy. I have found almost every single customer ask for exchange of perfume against prescription items in this pharmacy.

    In the transfer, this agent of Orridge seems to know a lot and tried to cover it for the previous owner.

    Be careful, everyone. I will not use Orridge anymore.

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    Re: Buying a pharmacy

    Are you saying that customers are obtaining scripts for the purpose of then using to obtain goods which they can sell?


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      Re: Buying a pharmacy

      First of all, Orridges were the agents of, and paid by, the vendor. Their first duty of care was to him. As you probably know, English and I think Scots law of sale (for anything ) works on the principle of Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware.

      However, if they, (their rep) was aware of illegal goings-on, s/he should have backed off from trying to sell the business..

      What you are describing as the customers/patients requests is fraud. I assume that as an owner you have joined the NPA. Get in touch with their legal dept pdq.