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  • GPhC registerd and industry

    Is it requred to be registerd with GPhC working in industry? one of the requirements to get there a job is science degree.

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    Not necessarily.

    What area of industry are you looking at?

    I would be very hesitant to resign your registration. It could be very difficult to rejoin the register if you did decide to remove yourself.
    I remember when a blog was an individual boot.


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      It would be helpful to know which area of industry you are in or thinking of entering. Whilst it may be able to get in and stay in industry without being registered, it would be far more beneficial to remain registered. As Nimrec has stated it would be more difficult to re-register after a period of absence from the register.


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        While I was in industry, I did locums on most Saturdays. First in the pharmacy when my previous employers sold it and then for the Coop and lloyds. Very useful experience when made redundant on a Tuesday in 1986. The following Monday I restarted in retail.


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          It depends on what sector of industry you want to go in.


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            In addition bear in mind that "pharmacist" is a protected title. Legally you could not call yourself a pharmacist once you took yourself off the register. You could say you're a retired pharmacist or that you have a pharmacy degree but you wouldn't be a pharmacist.

            If you depend on this in your CV this should be part of your considerations.
            I remember when a blog was an individual boot.