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Route to being a QP?

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  • Route to being a QP?

    im interested in becoming a Qualified Person, however, a role as a trainee QP are quite far and few between, and very competitive when they are posted.
    so, I've been told my best bet is to get a job in a facility with an MHRA manufacturing license - and once I've gained trust, ask if I would be considered as a QP and have them fund the course.
    as a pharmacist with management experience, what kind of job title should I be applying for , in order to get on the road there? I'm used to a salary of around 40k, but don't mind taking a slightly pay cut to get there.

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    The decimation of Pharma by the EU and antipathy has resulted in very few opportunities these days. You could try writing to all pharm cos and specials manf. Be prepared to take a 25 -30% pat cut but you could make up with weekend locums....I did.


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      I enquired with RSSL who run the course for QP's, and working in a specials lab apparently doesn't count towards the 1 year experience required to enrol. Just means I need to apply to pharmaceutical companies though.
      But, is there a particular junior job role I should be aiming for, which would be best to get on the ladder?