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typical day as a hospital pharmacist

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  • typical day as a hospital pharmacist

    hi all,
    I am very interested in working in a hospital after my pre-reg, and i just wanted to ask the pharmacists on this forum, whats your typical day working in a hospital?

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    Re: typical day as a hospital pharmacist

    My day is usually split 50:50 between dispensary and wards. I like the wards- its good being able to chat to patients/staff without any immediate time pressures. You're able to use your time management skills to focus your energies on things which you feel you can have a positive influence on. Also, with the new wave of doctors starting at the beginning of August you have a "blank canvas" whereby your knowledge can help them to become better more diligant prescribers.

    The other half of my day, spent is dispensary is then split between inchecking and outchecking. Outchecking is fairly straight forward, but if there are ever scipts which you are unsure of there are plenty of other people to ask.
    As a newly qualified pharmacist, i've found some of the inchecking very difficult. Haematology/dermatology GU clinics etc use drugs whihc i didn't really come across much in pre-reg year and lots of the consultants use treatment plans which don't resemble our guidelines, whihc leaves you feeling a bit stupid some of the time when you ring them to confirm/clairfy instructions and they talk down to you. Most are nice though. Again, normally there are other pharmacists/experienced staff around who you can ask for advice.

    I personally love working in hospital. I work with good people who i learn a lot off. You're not stuck in one place and you get a variety that i don't think I could get in community.

    That said, the money is nowhere as good (nor are the perks), and some people just find that they don't like the hospital environment and community is for them.

    Finally, although i'm a failry confident person, i think i'm apprehensive about doing community locums at the moment because i know i'll be on my own: my experience of community is from a couple of years ago now, and i'm just unsure i guess about not having the support etc there for when stuff comes in that i don't have a clue about.


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      Re: typical day as a hospital pharmacist

      thank you for info, i cant wait for my prereg in hospital, i like the idea of going to different wards and helping the patients.