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  • Clinical diplomas

    Has anyone any experience of undertaking clinical diplomas as a newly qualified hospital pharmacist?

    In particular I am considering the Belfast diploma - has anyone done this one? any opinions good or bad would be useful. What sort of time commitment does it take? is it respected (in terms of future employability in hospital posts) as much as the other diplomas? (with it all being self directed learning by post).


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    I was a newly qualified hospital pharmacist not so long ago. I also did a clinical diploma and then in a moment of lack of parity did my MSc too.

    Time commitment:
    Well, it is an advanced diploma at Masters level so it ain’t easy. We used to do modules which consisted of 8 weeks of distance learning with a 2-3 day course in the middle. I used to be given an afternoon a week for study (rarely taken, this is the NHS…) and then put in about then same amount of my own time (usually a complete weekend or two at the end of the 8 weeks). Obviously, some modules were harder than others.

    Is it beneficial?
    If you want to become a full blooded, career hospital/clinical pharmacist – you will need a diploma. You might be lucky to be a band 7 job without but you’ll never get an 8 without. The MSc looks good too – but another year of work and not essential. You have to remember that NHS jobs get awarded on a point system. If you have a clinical diploma you get more points and hence, more likely to get a job. An MSc is worth even more points.

    I think if you want to stay in hospital pharmacy, you would benefit from doing the diploma – and hey, it sorts out all your CPD worries for 2 years….


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      Re: Clinical diplomas

      What is the salary like at hospitals for a pharmacist with a clinical diploma please? and what is the maximum you can reach without a diploma?