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Band 5 MMT Interview

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  • Band 5 MMT Interview

    So I have a band 5 MMT interview next week and was wondering if anyone knows what sort of questions they ask? Is it similar to the band 4 pharmacy tech interview questions?

    Been looking through the job description/person spec and trying to come up with examples of questions that will be asked. If anyone has done a band 5 interview recently I would really appreciate the advice as I’m super nervous

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    Using the search box, search on hospital interviews.


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      Hi guys,

      I had my interview for the band 5 MMT position yesterday and thought I'd share my experience as I've never been for a Medicines Management tech role before. I was interviewed by the chief technician, lead medicines management technician and one of the ward pharmacists. Each panel member asked four questions each, whilst the other two made notes. The questions included:

      1) Tell us about yourself and your pharmacy experience so far in your career
      2) What do you understand about the job role and the person specification?
      3) I was given a BNF and a salbutamol inhaler and asked to counsel the panel members on how to use it, as if they were the patient.
      4) I was given a mock drug history assessment where I took a patients drug history (the pharmacist played this role), and checked if they had any PODs with them.
      5) A doctor calls asking for advise on prescribing a medication for a patient with a rare kidney disease - do you deal with the query yourself or pass this on to the ward pharmacist?
      6) Why are you the best person for this role?
      7) Do you have experience of audit work?
      8) Where do you see yourself in the next year/what are your goals?
      9) Explain the importance of CQC inspections.

      I hope this information helps, as I planned ahead with what sort of questions they may ask and many were similar to those asked in the interview. There wasn't any previous post regarding band 5 MMT interviews that I could find so I hope this is helpful to people in the same situation as me.It was a very positive experience, so I hope this helps some of you guys because I know interviews can be daunting.


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        Thank you very much. We have so many posters asking for interview advice, but very few bother to give feed back so that others may learn.


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          Thank you, I have an mmt interview on weds and that information really helps