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    Hey all!!

    Im a third year pharmacy student,i just wanted to know what the criteria was to apply for a hospital placement for 2010?As in are there grade requirements,or is it purley based on application?

    Any kind of information would be useful as i have never worked in a hospital pharmacy

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    Re: Hospital Pharmacy

    [ w w w . p h a r m a l i f e . c o . u k ]
    the official website, upload your CV and apply for up to 5( not sure?) hospitals.

    there is another thread, started by Nikolai about hospital placements i believe, so have a look around.
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      Re: Hospital Pharmacy

      If you are a third yr student now, then in 2010 like me you will be approaching your pre-reg. The deadline for this summer's placement applications, through pharmalife as raoul mentioned, was 19th dec. If you would like experience i suggest ringing up local hospitals and asking if you could work part time regardless of whether they pay or not, as you are not likely to get a placement now.
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