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Cold seals for blind/ partially sighted

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  • Cold seals for blind/ partially sighted

    I am a technician working in a hospital. I have of late had to deal with issuing cold seals as TTO,s for blind and partially sighted patients. Said patients were admitted for drug overdoses/ issues with tablets. I have been trying to source a cold seal with Braille or suitable for a partially sighted patient so that on discharge they are not put in the same predicament that they ended in hospital with in the first place. Have any of you marvellous professionals used anything like this or know where I can source these from? Or how do you get round this problem? I have contacted various pharmacy suppliers but keep hitting a dead end. I would appreciate any input as this is something that is really bugging me now!!
    Thank you

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    Perhaps it would be better to train the patient on how to use the existing packaging. Most cold seal products have identifiable tops and bottoms of the card. Teach the patient to orientate the card in the correct position. Then teach them which end to start opening the card from. A tear off ‘day’ might be best so that the person knows that when they have had the last of that days medication they should remove the empty row. By shaking the row they can identify if any tablets have been missed.

    But this article has some better ideas for labelling other than Braille though I’m not sure if labels could be small enough to be used on each section of the tray. It also gives good reasons why Braille is not necessarily the answer to this problem.



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      A Cold Seal? Presumably not one in a Zoo in this weather!


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        Have you tried the RNIB,the charity, they might have some suggestions.

        If not, you may ask them to look into it, and to ask their existing members experience how they deal with medications everyday.


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          Thank you everyone


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            Thanks, I now know what a cold seal is.
            We used nothing else in retail.