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Complex Patient Access Schemes - what's your view?

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  • Complex Patient Access Schemes - what's your view?

    Hi all!

    I'm currently a health policy student at Imperial College, and I'm really interested in hearing more about how complex patient access schemes are working for you. I am currently running a survey which aims to better understand the operational impact that complex patient access schemes have on pharmacists' workload.

    The results of the survey will be used to inform future policy making about how the Department of Health and Social care can make the use of complex Patient Access Schemes as easy to manage as possible. The survey should take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

    The results are completely anonymous and there is also an option to receive a copy of the results in late September for anyone who is interested

    For anyone interested in completing the survey it can be accessed here:

    I've also attached a copy of the participant information sheet. If you have any questions please message or post below!

    Thanks all!

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    I presume you have had the courtesy to ask permission of admin?


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      No they didn’t ask but I’ll leave it up. If we get bombarded with surveys again we can start removing them. Thanks John x
      Lively debate is encouraged but please respect the opinions and feelings of others.
      Please help keep the forum vibrant by spreading the work to friends and colleagues via word of mouth or social media.
      Thank you for contributing to this site.


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        Hi both,

        Sincere apologies - I read the terms and conditions but couldn't see anything about seeking admin approval. Will know for future reference and also happy to remove the post if necessary.



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          It’s ok it can stay up. We often gen dozens appearing after we leave one up as students tell all their friends and we get inundated.

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        I am on a cruise at moment and internet is slow. However, browser said could not find. Have you checked your link?