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  • Application for Band 6 pharmacist

    Hi all,

    I am a newly qualified pharmacist (qualified yesterday!), completed my pre-registration year within a community pharmacy and currently unemployed looking to transfer to hospital pharmacy. Unlike many pharmacists I have come across I have quite liked community pharmacy, I am generally quite passionate about pharmacy and feel regardless of which sector all pharmacists can make a significant difference to patients. Having said that, my passion is clinical pharmacy, my knowledge of clinical pharmacy is fairly good and I want to progress further. I applied to do my pre-registration year within hospital however unfortunately interviews aren't my best of friends so didn't make it.

    I am currently applying for Band 6 jobs and would really appreciate some advice in terms of application. For example, when using examples to complement statements how do I do this without sounding too wordy/story like.

    If anyone that has made the move from community pre-reg to hospital pharmacist or anyone else can give me some tips of successful application I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance

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    The best advice I ever got for interviews was the STAR technique. If you are asked to display a competence set the Scene, describe the Task/challenge you needed to overcome, explain the Action you completed to overcome it and state the Result/outcome.

    This is usually how a good interviewer will score your interview so you are giving your responses in a structured format that should hopefully allow you to stay on point and easily rack up a good interview score.

    Good luck in any other interviews going forwards and you could always stay in community for 3 years then look at GP practice/care home/urgent care roles that would be more clinical and should come with an IP qualification.
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      Also search the forum on hospital interviews using the search box. Afterwards, please give feed back to help others. So many ask but do not give.
      Good luck.


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        Congratulations on qualifying..... If you want to pm me any points you want answers to i'dl gladly help ....I've worKed all over the uk in hospitals ( about 14 trusts to date) so ask away!!!