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  • aseptics

    Hello everyone! I recently went for the post of a "Student Pharmacy Technician" and i was unsuccessfull in my interview, but they directed me towards going for an aseptic assistant job first to gain some more experience before being taken on as a technician. I just wondered if anybody does this as an assistant and what it entails as i cant find much online about it; i also wondered if any technicians specialise in this and what it is like for you. I also wondered what the pay would be for an aseptic assistant and what the pay would be for an aseptic pharmacy technician.



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    Re: aseptics

    not very much experience of hospital life but a bit of digging in the local hospital trust site found that pharmacy assistants seem to be placed on band 3 regardless of the area they work in - although there only seemed to be radiopharmacy assistant jobs going thses do most of their work in an aseptic unit.
    Lazy did her pre-reg at a hospital - she might know what the insides of an aseptic unit look like and what the life theres a bit like...

    sorry lazy i'm dropping you in it again!
    “It's not worth doing something unless you were doing something that someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing.”

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      Re: aseptics

      Sir Dispensalot – ur so cheeky, but anyways…. I’m flattered….

      Hi cunners89

      I’ve worked in aseptics – got 2 say, I loved this rotation! Not so heavy going as the dispensary and always remained cool n clean….

      Did you get feedback from the interview? What kind of questions did they ask?

      From what I’ve seen the assistants/technicians:

      1. Help with the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning in aseptics.
      2. Prepare the trays/labelling either for the cytotoxic unit or for the non-cyto unit.
      3. Use the spray in technique when placing trays into the hatch and removing from the other side.
      4. Prepare the final product in the clean room – using aseptic technique. It’s quite a good skill to have – manipulating syringes, infusion bags and vials.

      Surely the job description should have explained what the role entails….

      Have a look at the NHS jobs web site…..look at the job descriptions (u need 2 register 1st). The site also tells you about the pay bands….

      Can you not go in as a ‘locum’ – look at mediplacements, healthcare locums and the locum agency website. Tell the agency what experience you have, I’m sure they could find sumthing for you.

      Hope that helps……..
      Lazy Lady...