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    Whats the likelihood of getting hospital technician work in the UK if you are a foreign trained/licensed pharmacist? I'll be moving over from Canada in the next few months and am trying to figure out what my options are in terms of employment (seeing as I won't have a UK license for at least the first 2 years (!!?)).

    Over here, we actually like to take on foreign-trained pharmacists in my hospital based on the likelihood that they may want to stay on as pharmacists once they are licensed. Is this the case in the UK? I understand that mandatory registration of pharmacy technicians will likely begin in 2009 or therabouts. Will foreign-trained pharmacists still need to take the relavent training courses?


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    Re: Technician work

    APTUK (association of pharmacy techs) might be able to help
    or call the pharmsoc

    Most technicians (hosp) have to be registered and you need NVQ level 3 to do that ....
    not too sure about the ins and outs of it all but I've heard that foreign trained pharmacists can't work as techs unless they register as techs ....but don't take this as the gospel truth, I might av heard wrong
    Kemzo the pharmacist forumly known as kemzero


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      Re: Technician work

      I've known foreign pharmacists who've worked as techs in hospital so maybe it varies from place to place.